Getting Kraft-y

While I love the crispness of white card stock and the elegance of cream card stock, one of my favorite base colors to work with is kraft. It has a rustic and comfy slipper kind of feel to it and while it doesn't work well with all colors, the colors it does work with make for a divine combination.

And it seems like customers this week are all feeling the kraft-y vibe too. Every recent shop order has been rocking out the kraft. Here are three such designs that just shipped all over the country.

Both deep green and red pair beautifully with kraft which is why it's so popular around Christmas.

  These evergreen note cards are a pleasure to create. I love the look of this tree and these are perfect thank you notes for teens and adults, most especially males, making them so versatile.

These reindeer thank you note cards are a design that I originally created for my kids to send their thank you notes with after the holidays. They were so cute, I had to add them to the shop.

I first used this sentiment when making Christmas cards one year. I loved it so much that I decided it needed to go on gift tags. These long tags are great for many gift sizes and shapes and make for easy gift giving.

All these kraft items and more can be found in my shop and I am always looking for new ways and new kraft color combinations to work with. Have you seen kraft pair beautifully with a certain color? Let me know - I'd love to try something new!

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