Holiday Thank You Notes

Many times the newest items you see in the shop are items I created for my real life and then carry them over to the store. Today's offerings are no different. After Christmas we needed some thank you notes so I created a couple of designs for us to send out.

My kids are getting older now so I needed to graduate from the super cutesie looks and I really liked the look of this snowman stamp.

Meg and Conor are busy writing thank you's with these snowmen. I can't decide if I prefer the vertical or horizontal layout so when I add them to the shop, both options will be available. I love the long nature of the "thanks" stamp too. It kind of reminds me of an extension of snow from the snowman.

For Mo and me, I went with some classic trees. I use these trees on Christmas tags and have always loved them so I decided it was time to make them into note cards.

Both items will be placed into the shop over the weekend although if you have questions before you see them, feel free to reach out!

As always, all note cards come with envelopes, making the process that much easier for you.

If you are in the cold snap like me, I hope you are keeping warm. And if you are in someplace warm and sunny, please send some my way!

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